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Investment Croatia Pret: 87000 Euro
 Liznjan Circle Lane - An exclusive luxurious condominium  

            This new project is situated in Liznjan (an old little town), near Medulin, in the very centre of the newest Liznjan, along a fascinating circular road which is going to be the village nucleus. The modern architectural solutions make this block a rare piece among the best Istrian buildings, especially for the excellent ratio between quality and cost.

             Comfort and function

            The block type is P+2+M, perfectly inserted in the surrounding, and there are various kind of flats, from 1 to 4 rooms. Each flat has its own storage place (excellent for bikes and windsurf) as well a private parking place, and additional parkings are available. The location is very calm, with a beautiful sea-view. The sea is only 800 m far. Nearby there are leisure, restourants, stores, tennis club. The crowded and full of life Medulin center is less than 5 minutes far.

             Quality and Safety

            The materials are of the best quality, to satisfy the most demanding requests. The block is made of special bricks and reinforced concrete. It comes with a superior class thermic and acoustic insulation phisically tested by Rieka Faculty; to ensure the continuity of the facades the insulation continues even over the balcony fences! The multiple glass windows and the air conditioning system that equips each flat ensure a pleasant interior ambient. The block stays in a private place completely fenced in, and the safety-type main doors allow a good and tranquil privacy.

             Flexibility and Promotion

            The promotional proposal to buy one flat in the Liznjan Circle Lane 228 is very interesting, and it is reserved to a limited number of flats only, in this way it is possible to get it today at an excellent price, and it will turn to be the best investment for the future: it is not so bonded to the market oscillations, it is a fact that the buildings price in Istria will increase significantly, it is enough to think that the price in Tuscany or in the South of France are 3 times higher than in Istria, and consider that for sure Istria is equally beautyful an charming, to understand that the value will be bigger. For you and for your familiy it is a great occasion for relax and for gain as well.


            Advance sale

To buy a flat at the special conditions, offered only for a limited number of flats, the first step is to sign a promise of selling-buying and let a reservation advance of 10.000 Euro.

A 25% tranche of the agreement amount will be payed only when the the block is built till the reinforced concrete foundations.

Then 4 monthly trances of 15% each, the last of them only when the block is finished, tested and approved by the Supervisor.

The last trance of 15% less the initial deposit when all the required documents and permissions are ready.

Other kind of payment can be contracted and agreed separately.

We are at your disposition for every information.


note: taxes 5%


Apt Floor - Rooms - Info Rooms Price Advance Sale* Status
1 Lev ground - 1 Room-Balcony-Parking-Storage 1 € 101.000 € 87.000 stopped
1b Lev ground - 2 Rooms-Balcony-Parking-Storage 2 € 119.000 € 97.000  
2 Lev ground - 2 Rooms-Balcony-Parking-Storage 3 € 150.000 € 123.000  
2b Lev ground - 3 Rooms-Balcony-Parking-Storage 3 € 160.000 € 132.000  
3 Lev 1 - 3 Rooms-Terrace-Parking-Storage 3 € 168.000 € 138.000  
4 Lev 1 - 2 Rooms-Terrace-Parking-Storage 2 € 125.000 € 103.000  
5 Lev 1 - 2 Rooms-Terrace-Parking-Storage 2 € 125.000 € 102.000  
6 Lev 1 - 2 Rooms-Terrace-Parking-Storage 3 € 150.000 € 123.000  
7 Lev 2 - 3 Rooms-Terrace-Parking-Storage 3 € 168.000 € 138.000  
8 Lev 2 - 2 Rooms-Terrace-Parking-Storage 2 € 128.000 € 104.000  
9 Lev 2+3 - 3 Rooms - 2 Terraces - Parking - 2 Storages 3 € 215.000 € 177.000  
10 Lev 2+3 - 4 Rooms - Terrace - Parking - Storage 4 € 208.000 € 171.000  
11 Lev3 - 4 Rooms - 2 Terraces - Parking - 2 Storages 4 € 289.000 € 227.000  
*note: The Advance Sale price is a special offer reserved to a limited number of flats only.        

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